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Atlanta's original and most experienced concierge medicine practice.

What is concierge medicine?

Welcome to the Center for Preventive Medicine

Imagine appointments that are easy to get and always on your time. Atlanta’s first and most experienced team of concierge health professionals, all of whom know your name, your family, your interests as well as your medical history, physical condition, and diet.

Imagine the cutting edge of science in laboratory testing available on site, with immediate results.

Imagine the state of the art in imaging technology for Total Body Scanning.

You've just envisioned the Center for Preventive Medicine, the original practice of its kind in Atlanta, where we merge convenience and personal service with technology to prolong life and enhance excellent health.

By limiting the total number of Members in the Center for Preventive Medicine, we are able to provide excellent medical services in a non-hurried and pleasant atmosphere. Since our services are not paid for by the health insurance industry, we have no restrictions on your access to the latest technology for detection of illness and prevention of disability and premature death.

Our services are completely personal, private, and secure.

The Physician-Patient relationship remains our sacred pledge.

The Center for Preventive Medicine

Notice! The parking option at this location is $6.00 Cash Only!