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Our goal is to keep you healthy and to prolong your life. Like most doctors, the Center for Preventive Medicine Physicians keep abreast of the latest trends in disease detection, use of medication and other therapies, but your Personal Physician at the Center for Preventive Medicine has the means to do adequate testing without the restrictions of a managed care insurance company's attempt to restrict access to technology. And, best of all, your Personal Physician has the luxury of time to communicate with you about your concerns and the Doctor's findings.

Comprehensive Physical Examination

Membership in the Center for Preventive Medicine begins with a Comprehensive Physical Examination. Performed after a 14 hour fast, first your blood will be obtained for laboratory analysis in our state of the art on site facility. We'll test your vision, hearing, pulmonary and cardiac functions, and then you'll have an extensive interview with your personal physician. The Doctor will review your health history and your family's health experiences. He will review your medications and supplements, your health habits and goals for longevity and good health. A physical examination will be performed explaining specific risks to your health due to genetics, personal health habits, and actuarial statistics. At the end of your morning, a summary of findings will be presented and you'll receive a comprehensive explanation of all health issues in a report mailed to your home a few days later.

On Site Laboratory Testing

We have the same laboratory equipment as hospitals and reference laboratories in our office. Our Medical Technologists are on staff full time. Blood testing yields results for review with your Personal Physician and our full time Dietician while you're still in our office, and help motivate you and us to improve your health. Copies of reports and trends of successful interventions are provided easily.

Coronary Artery Scanning

We have access to the latest in imaging technologies. For members over 40 years old or who have specific risks to their health, we obtain a Coronary Artery Scan at the time of the Comprehensive Physical Examination. The scan provides insight to any formation of coronary artery atherosclerosis, the cause of heart attack and the number one cause of death for men and women. Your Personal Physician uses the results to optimize the prevention of coronary artery disease.

24/7 Access to Physicians

Members in the Center for Preventive Medicine become very familiar to their Personal Physician through the process of the Comprehensive Physical Examination. At the Center, we want to be easily accessible to our Members whenever a question about health arises. Members have our physicians' telephone numbers and email addresses. Also, while most health emergencies require the technology of laboratory and x-ray facilities, occasionally a home visit is the appropriate way to be reassured about an illness or accident. Our physicians understand the intricacies of the health care delivery system, emergency departments, hospitals, and insurance restrictions.

Personalized Health Prescriptions

Your Personal Physician, working with our staff, and based upon the information received from the Comprehensive Physical Examination, laboratory studies, and the Total Body Scan, will prescribe to you those therapies designed to prevent illness and to prolong your healthy life. Where necessary, medication will be prescribed, and a diet to enhance health will be suggested.

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