Frequently Asked Questions

How to join CPM as a Patient?

The best way to begin with Dr. Taylor is to have a complete physical exam. We like to begin by getting to know you personally and medically.

At your convivence, please call the office and we will get you on Dr. Taylor’s schedule for a physical exam and initial nutritional consult. The exam/consult takes 2.5 to 3 hours and we prefer to start at 8:30am for your first visit.

Members will be charged an initial consultation and evaluation fee and then a quarterly retainer.

What services are included if I join the clinic?

Office visits as needed, annual physical exams, most *laboratory testing, immunizations, coronary artery scan (age dictate), nutrition consultation to design a personal plan for better health and 24/7 access to the physician or nurse for urgent needs.

*Certain specialty labs will need to be billed to your insurance.

Does membership cover mammograms or other radiology procedures?

No. Your insurance is required for mammograms and radiology procedures because they are scheduled at an outside facility. (Coronary CT is the exception)

Do I need to keep my health insurance if I am a member of CPM?

Yes. While most illness and accidental injuries are easily treated by the physicians of the Center for Preventive Medicine, occasionally there will be the necessity for Specialist consultations and hospitalizations outside of the Center. Your health insurance is necessary for those services not provided at the Center for Preventive Medicine.

What if I need to see a specialist?

Dr. Taylor and the staff will refer you to an appropriate specialist for your medical needs. The staff will be happy to facilitate obtaining an appointment for you.

You will need to use your insurance.

We have a large network of specialists that we refer to regularly. We work closely with them to maintain continuity of care.

Ready for an appointment?
Call our office to make an appointment or to refer a patient. 404-847-9494