Frequently Asked Questions

My doctor has similar credentials as the physicians at the Center for Preventive Medicine, how is the medical care different?

The basic difference is time. Due to changes in the health insurance reimbursement over the past decade, most physicians must schedule more patient visits in order to maintain their income. Of course, this results in less time with the doctor, more time waiting, and instability in office staffing which renders a "production line" approach to medical problems, regardless of how complex they are. Since the insurance reimbursement element is taken out of the equation at the Center for Preventive Medicine, and since the membership is limited, time becomes a commodity easily shared with patients.

Are services at the Center for Preventive Medicine covered by my health insurance?

Usually not. Insurance companies turn a blind eye to prevention of disease and, especially, to new technologies. Our emphasis is on using the latest technology for diagnosis of conditions that lead to heart attack and cancer, and intervening if those conditions are discovered. Medical services at the Center for Preventive Medicine are covered by the membership fee.

Do I need to keep my health insurance in force?

Yes. While most illness and accidental injuries are easily treated by the physicians of the Center for Preventive Medicine, occasionally there will be the necessity for Specialist consultations and hospitalizations outside of the Center. Your health insurance is necessary for those services not provided at the Center for Preventive Medicine.

How can you provide this level of service?

By limiting the number of Members to the Center for Preventive Medicine, we are able provide appointments easily and on time and have adequate time to discuss and plan for good health.

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